What’s User Experience (UX) Research? And why it’s critically important.

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WIREFRAMERS is a User Experience (UX) Research Firm. Please subscribe to our channel for more UX Research related videos.

In this video, we define UX research and why it’s critically important in 2019, and beyond.

How do we define UX research?

It’s the process of studying digital UX properties, user feedback, target audiences, and competitors to acquire critical information to improve user satisfaction, gain a competitive advantage, grow sales, and win market share.

Our UX Researchers at Wireframers.com are among the best in the world at UX research and creating high-fidelity wireframes.

Our founder, Anthony Ragland, is the spark-plug behind our ambition and passion. He brings over 20 years of UX research experience as a practitioner, and he holds a degree in computer science.

Our firm partners and collaborates with companies for a one-month discovery engagement to begin all client engagements.

During that month, our consultants work closely with client stakeholders to establish a UX research foundation and roadmap.

We implement our UX research methodology and study your digital properties, your users, your target audience, and your competitors in the first month.

That research period helps us diagnosis your biggest UX problems and your quickest UX wins … and other unforeseen UX friction.

Please visit to contact us for more information about UX research.

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