March 19, 2019

Why Game Developers Should Use Blockchain Technology!

In this video we’re going to take two things I enjoy, Gaming and Blockchain, place both of them in the hadron collider of ideas and smash them into each other at ridiculous speeds. The result will either be the future of the gaming industry or a tear in the fabric of space and time.

We need to make the case to developers why they should look at adding Blockchain technology to their games and it’s quite likely that targeting indie game developers might be the best way forward. It would allow the technology and platform time to scale and develop with the complexity of the games.

Currently there has been a massive shift towards free to play models in games where the income is generated from in game purchases. Purchases are usually made with some kind of in game currency. Examples would be the idea of buying vbucks for fortnite or gold for world of warcraft. The benefits of using blockchain technology here instead is enormous.
For a developer they could allow for purchases of game assets such as skins, weapons and downloadable content using either an existing cryptocurrency such as Enjin Coin or Eos, Ether or Tron or they could develop their own cryptocurrency that can be used across all titles in their portfolio. Crytek creators of Cryengine and the Crysis game series have their own cryptocurrency called Crycash, the coin will used as rewards to incentivize players and will be used to pay content creators who build assets for the Cryengine marketplace.

Nano previously known as Raiblocks is also being paid out to players of Nanoquake as an incentive, Nanoquake is a modded version of Quake II multiplayer that faucets Nano to players who get high scores in the game. This idea of rewarding your most loyal and dedicated players is a great way to encourage and draw in high quality players. Perfect if you are looking to place your game as a potential esport option. Prizes could even be paid out in their cryptocurrency.

Another great use of Blockchain is that it could be used to give players true ownership over their assets, if you look at a game like Starcitizen players have literally spent hundreds of dollars on ships and equipment in the game. If the player wants to sell that asset on to someone else when they are done it’s actually against the games policy and they usually have to sell their account in a shady fashion leaving them open to fraud and then if the game devs catch on to it they can suspend the player as well. This doesn’t just happen with Starcitizen, most multiplayer games have similar policies in place. The blockchain could allow for trading of game assets between players in a secure and trackable way and would let players have true ownership of their virtual purchases.

The point is that all of these things can be done using the blockchain and would therefore be immutable records of ownership.

These leads to the initial appeal of Cryptokitties where every kittie was unique and some were rare. The data for each kittie was stored on the blockchain and this meant that the rarity of specific kitties was immutable data that could be audited and it’s level of rarity actually proven. Cryptokitties got a bit out of hand though when one kittie was sold for $170,000.

Blockchain Cuties is a game that looks very similar to Cryptokitties you can collect and breed them but you can also send them out on adventures and while on the adventures they might be gaining experience points or they might find items on the the adventure they can wear. I think visually this game looks more appealing than Cryptokitties but the problem that arises is accessibility. Blockchain Cutties looks like a game aimed at children.

As new as Blockchain gaming is there are in fact many games out there and a few that are actually fun to play. I already mentioned Blockchain Cuties, but there is a space exploration game called 0xUniverse where you build space ships and discover planets you can buy and sell to other players.

Dragonglass is a platformer style game that allows you to mine their cryptocurrency by playing through the levels and avoiding spikes and lava and such forth.

Spells of Genesis is a mobile game, its a combination of strategy rpg and card game. Its had over 10,000 users on Android.

Beyond the Void is another game set in space with a focus on multiplayer and real time strategy. This game is available on steam and while it’s had mixed reviews it certainly is a good example of gaming on the blockchain.

Etherquest is a popular rpg game where players can earn ether from playing which actualy looks quite fun as you battle other players.

What do you guys think of gaming on the blockchain? Are any of you developing games and want to know more about how you can use the tech? Do you think players should have a say in a games development or direction or do you prefer the way your games are now? If so let us know in the comments below. We really like to hear your thoughts on the stories we run so please get involved.

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