January 15, 2020

YouTube SEO Keywords – 14 Techniques For Faster Keyword Research

For successful YouTube SEO the first step is to explore keywords that you can use to optimize your YouTube videos for. But you cannot just choose any of them. They have to be search terms with low enough competition so that your video has a good chance to rank. But how do you discover keywords that fulfill these conditions? Here are 14 techniques for you that’ll make your YouTube keyword research a breeze!

Feel free to give Morningfame’s keyword tool a try:

(1) Search bar suggestions 0:41
(2) Suggestions+ 2:04
(3) Alphabet method 2:57
(4) Word variations 4:10
(5) Thesaurus method 4:51
(6) Adding a prefix 5:28
(7) Switching the word order 7:08
(8) Tags of ranking videos 7:47
(9) Used tags feature 8:55
(10) The No.2 Keyword tab 11:04
(11) Traffic sources 12:28
(12) Related searches on YouTube 13:52
(13) Related searches on Google 14:28
(14) Do research first 15:25

On this channel I want to give you the knowledge and insights to simplify your YouTube growth journey. Expect tutorials as well success stories of other YouTube creators – all aimed towards giving you practical growth strategies.

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Cheers, Nico

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